Qi Gong 5000 year old energy art for strengthening the flow of life force and improving health


  • Enhanced energy & vitality

  • Boosts strength

  • Lowers cortisol (stress hormone)

  • Improves blood circulation, digestion, metabolism & endocrine system

  • Boosts immune system & resistance to infection

Qigong in the Park: A Practice for Life

Starting Thursday, July 1, 2021, 11-11:45

continuing on Thursdays through Sept 2

Jim Cullen Memorial Park, AKA TREE PARK

 519 W Piute Dr

$10 donation requested

This Qigong class will focus on integration of Qigong movement, with attention to body, breath, and mind, and can be done either standing or sitting; bring a folding chair, if you like, You can also do this practice lying down on a blanket. Bring your own blanket.

Please bring water for hydration, appropriate clothing for the weather. We will not have class if it is raining, snowing, or if there is thunder and/or lightening.

Rose Adams, Massage Therapist and Educator, Qigong instructor and learner

For more information (928) 699-9308

Gathering medicine,

  means focusing consciousness within,

Quiet the mind,

  calm the emotions, 

  cycle from movement to stillness,

  to complete the elixir.

      --LI DAO QUN, The Book of Balance and 

         Harmony, 13th Century